25+ homemade crêpes filled with our signature diplomat creme, adorned with seasonal flowers.

Inspired by my grandmother, Lea Dixiana Cancel de Sánchez.

My grandma was one of the most important women in my life. She loved orchids, art, music, bust most importantly, she loved her family in ways I cannot even describe.

She taught me about orchids, perseverance, food, generosity and she always reminded everyone around her that, after God, family is the most important thing in the world.

On this particular dessert I wanted to incorporate orchids because it was her favorite flower, but also wanted to incorporate carnations because they are my dear aunt Lilia's favorite flower, and because my grandfather use to gift us carnations on every special occasion. I think mother's day is one of the most special holidays, so here they are.

As a child, she and my grandfather used to take me to see different orchestras at the national theater, and I remembered the magnificent draping of the theater curtains, and how I would read her the program before the concert started. This is what inspired the background of the photos. I miss her, and I will always cherish every second with her.

She was as delicate as a petal, and had a heart of gold. The kind of person who charmed everyone she ever crossed paths with, and the kind that would look you in the eyes and make you feel like everything was going to be ok. 

This is my way on remembering her on this special Mother's Day.

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