Inspired by my mother, Yilena Minerva Sánchez Cancel.

My mom is the definition of what an amazing mother is. My mom is a mother above all things, sometimes even above herself.

She lives and breathes every day for the wellbeing of her children, she is truly an example of selflessness and love. 

I have had the honor and the blessing to have spent time with my mom not only on a mom-daughter setting, but also as friends and as coworkers. It is incredible that you can develop this complex yet marvelous relationship with another human being. I can only hope that I can give my future children the same my mother has given to me.

My mom is someone that shares joy and light with anyone she meets. She doesn't hesitate to help those in need. She is always there, for everyone, any time. She is my rock.

My mother is one of the most creative humans on earth. She can make a piece of art out of nowhere, she is the ultimate optimist, the ultimate dreamer. 

Professionally, she is an interior designer/ event planner/ flower designer. She also has an impeccable and wide taste in music and all forms of art. So for this cake, I wanted it to look more like a flower arrangement instead of a cake.

Growing up she used to take me to work with her in the afternoons and we used to go to a rental company called Anfitriones. They had the most intricate and stunning porcelain pieces, so I tried to replicate that feel by piping buttercream details on the cake.

When I was styling the set my dear friend and photographer Anthony Nader said to me "I kinda like those cut flowers next to the cake!", and I immediately said "YES! It looks like my mom was here, making that flower arrangement!", so we decided to leave the cut flowers on the set and leave the scissors there.

My mom is a very sophisticated and elegant woman, so I wanted the overall look to feel like that.

I also incorporated snapdragons because they are one of my favorite flowers and I'm her daughter, as well as carnations because my grandfather (her dad) used to gift us carnations on every special occasion.

Her favorite flower is the Gloriosa (fire lily) and since I couldn't find it, I wanted to make sure this cake definitely felt Glorious, like the flower, and like her.

Pre-order until May 3rd. Available for pick-up or delivery on May 7th.

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