Moist cupcakes filled and frosted with a flavor of your choice. Sold by the dozen.


 Inspired by my grandmother, Theresa Shotborgh de Bertran.

Abuela Tessy is a crucial part of a very special gift God gave to the Sanchez Cancel family, an extended family that came together because of immeasurable amounts of love, shared by two amazing bloodlines that decided to become one. She and abuela Lea made sure that we grew together and became one.

Lucky for me, I get to have 3 grandmas! 

Besides being an amazing baker, abuela Tessy is one of the most loving people I've ever seen. Her faith in God moves mountains, we used to say that she prayed so much that she got everyone in the family a ticket into heaven.

Growing up, she used to make the most delicious brownies and meringues (still does), so I decided to shape the frosting on the cupcakes like the white suspiritos she makes, and to offer the brownie flavor in her honor.

Her brownies are like nothing you ever tried before! They are made with brown sugar, and Dominican cocoa, but instead of being super gooey and overly intense chocolate flavor, they have a texture more similar to a blondie, and a more milk chocolate taste. Definitely a must try.

Her house always had flowers, silk flowers to be more specific. And she served coffee on a perfect matching coffee set, on a tray with a beautiful lace tray cloth. So I decided to style the cupcakes with the silk flowers and similar colors and design that reminded me of that.

I chose to use a rose pattern and make the rosettes on top of the cupcakes because not only it reminded me of the patterns on her coffee plates but it is also my Godmother Leita's favorite flower.

Pre-order until Wednesday May 4th.

Available for pick-up or delivery on Saturday May 7th.

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