Inspired by my grandmother, Rhina Antonia Gonzalez de Rodriguez.

What a lady!

Abuela Rhina was an example of poise, elegance, moral values, responsibility, discipline and good manners.

She was an extremely talented painter (architect by profession), and had an incredible attention to detail, not only in her art but in everything she ever did. She always put her family first and taught me to always keep my word and work hard.

She enjoyed collecting hand painted plates, handmade spoons, and loved painting nature, specially the ocean. For this cake I used the different tones of blue because it reminded me of her paintings. I also wanted to give that oil paint texture to it by creating flowers with buttercream paint strokes and at the same time I wanted the whole piece to look like it was made out of porcelain so I added 3D royal icing flowers on top of the buttercream painted petals.

For the background I chose the draped fabric to give it a feel inspired on the Regency era. I wanted it to look almost like it was in someone's very elegant living room. Almost as if it were a sculpted porcelain art piece. As if it were in her home.

Abuela Rhina was, and will continue to be an inspiration to me not only as a woman, but as an artist and professional. I loved her and admired her, and am sure that everyone that ever met her did too.


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